2018 Behavioral Health Management Conference

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2018 Behavioral Health Management Conference
Effectively Integrating Behavioral Health Across the Care Continuum, Implementing Viable Population Health Strategies, and Enhancing Quality of Care for Well-Being of Members!
January 25 – 26, 2018 • New York-New York Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, NV

Healthcare beneficiaries suffering from behavioral health disorders have been falling through the cracks for decades, due to several issues such as a lack of education and attention to mental health issues, insufficient access to qualified providers, inadequate behavioral health insurance coverage and a fragmented healthcare system. Health plans and behavioral health providers are recognizing the need for new payment and care delivery models to enhance the overall well-being of their members.

In order to improve treatment, outcomes and cut costs, health plans and behavioral providers are taking proactive steps to ensure that their members receive access to quality behavioral healthcare. Treatment for disorders such as anxiety and depression, amongst children and seniors, as well as those with substance abuse issues, for example, require a more integrated coordination of care. As healthcare reform has created an opportunity for coverage and access to services, many health plans and behavioral health providers are now focusing their efforts on integrating behavioral and medical care.

At the 2018 Behavioral Health Management Conference, you will hear the latest on mental health, substance abuse and other behavioral health issues. Learn how health plans and behavioral health providers are overcoming existing hurdles and strategizing to create a more integrated system of behavioral healthcare.

Register today to reserve your seat at the conference and take advantage of early bird discounts! Please register online at www.2018bhm.com or call 1-800-646-9581.

We look forward to greeting you in Las Vegas!


2018 Behavioral Health Management Team